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2020 April Bullpup

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Current Bullpup News Letter 2020 April

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2020 PCBC Specialty Weekend – POSTPONED

In view of the Coronavirus pandemic, PCBC will postpone our April Specialty Shows. We felt the safety of our exhibitors, spectators and dogs is our top priority. We are working on finding a suitable date and location in the fall of 2020.

All entries and Catalog Ads received will be returned in full. All trophy donations received will be applied to the fall shows. Thank you for your patience stay tuned for further updates.

Thank you,

Scott Johnson

PCBC Secretary

Membership Renewals

Dear Members: 

If you have not paid in your dues for 2020 the last day that we will accept payment shall be March 25, 2020. After that date you will not be considered a member and if you wish to be part of the club you will need to apply as a new membership subject to club approval once again. 

Also remember that in the event that you fall out of status you will not be given credit towards your lifetime time membership status and the “clock” will start all over again when you join again. 

Therefore please get your dues in along with the renewal application back to us before March 25, 2020. The  March 25, 2020 deadline was voted on and passed at the March 7, 2020, club meeting. WE NEED YOUR DUES. Thanks.  

Christian Peirano

PCBC Fun Match and Sanction B Match.

PCBC Fun Match and Sanction B Match. Our judges were lifetime PCBC members Chuck and Rachel Williams. Congratulations Damian Bolaños Perez and Hector Bolaños.
Congratulations Bridgette Garduno for winning the chili cook off 2 years in a row! Thank you club members for participating in the delicious potluck.