Your Bulldogs Health

The Pacific Coast Bulldog Club promotes the health and welfare of all Bulldogs. It’s important to stay current on bulldog health and other issues. Join the PCBC at one of their monthly meetings to engage with other owners and listen to occasional presentations on a variety of topics. Meeting schedule and directions are on the “Members” link above or to the right side.
Breeding/Whelping/Fertility (BCA)
Legislation (BCA)
Bulldog Maintenance and Safety (BCA)
Ambassador for Health Program (BCA)


Bulldog OFA CHIC Health Testing


Health Testing Tri-Fold


Health Testing Matrix

Anasarca Tissue Collection Protocol Information
The Bulldog Club of America is asking for tissue samples for a preliminary research project on bulldog Anasarca.
Click here to download more information about this project and find out how you can help.