The Pacific Coast Bulldog Club welcomes your inquiries about Bulldogs and encourages all those who love this breed to become a member.  Click here to learn how you too can become a member of one of the oldest Bulldog Clubs in the US.

If you are interested in joining us or would like to find out more about Bulldogs please visit our Officers page and feel free to contact any one of them for information.  
For information about our meetings please refer to our most recent Bullpup Newsletter for location, dates and time.


  • 2022 Specialty
    PCBC Specialty is NOW OPEN for entries. 4 shows 3 days. Sept. 23-25, 2022. Request entries: [email protected] Send entries to: [email protected] Send payment to PayPal only at: [email protected] JUDGES: Robert Rodenski (conf/jrs. Fri. 23rd PM), Randy Miller (conf./jrs. Sat 24th am), Oscar D’agustino (Sat. 24th pm Brenda Newcomb); and Ward McAfee (Sun 25th am Pat […]
  • Trophy Donations
    PCBC fans, Please find attached a trophy donation form for PCBC’s 4 September specialties.  This was sent out before very early in the process but I didn’t get any donations.  Now the show is less than two months away so LET’S GET SERIOUS!  Please print the attached form and send me some money!  Or paypal […]
  • 2022 Specialty
  • Puppy Match and Sanction B Match
    PCBC Puppy Match and Sanction B match winners. Thank you to Breeder Judges Charlotte Obregon and Julie Carlson. We had a great entry this year! Thank you to Match Chair Brenda Newcomb and our host Kathy Gray. Click to view photos!
  • Puppy Fun & Sanction B Match
    The day before Easter Sunday, PCBC invites you to a special event!

Click below photo to view all the photos from the Fun & B Matches!