As you know, the PCBC specialty weekend is fast approaching — April 12 to 14 (5 shows over 3 days).   We’re offering trophies for the first four shows.  Please find attached the trophy donation request form as well as a listing of the donor acknowledgements and pledges received as of today.   As you’ll see, we have a long way to go.  We haven’t collected any funds for the classes yet.  You can sponsor a full class for $40 or a half class for $20.  There are still many trophies with no sponsor.  None of the Best of Winners ($60) has been sponsored and only one Best of Opposite ($75) has a donor.  All of the Selects and most of the Reserves are still available to be sponsored.  We haven’t received donations from any of the Division III member clubs yet (probably just haven’t been contacted yet).

There are instructions about making a donation on the donation form.  Please contact Brenda Newcomb or me if you have any questions.  Please forward to anyone not on this email distribution list that may wish to donate.  We need to try and finish collecting donations by the time entries close on March 27th.

To determine if a particular trophy is still available to be sponsored, see if there is already a donor listed on the acknowledgement listing.  If you have made a donation, please make sure that the acknowledgement is correct (spelling, name, etc.).  Let me know  if there is a correction to be made.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated by PCBC.